Monday, October 12, 2009

Recovery (cont.)

(G.E. Madeley (fl. 1826-1841) after G. Spratt, The Circulating Library, ca. 1830)

Gosh, what to say? A cryptic Coil reference and now this... Well, recorded a new track with Matt today for an upcoming special Pacific Blush single, it sounds great. He sounds like Genesis P-Orridge, in a a really good way. Um, did a new ambient track... Went through old cassettes looking for songs which I couldn't find. Instead, came across four I had thought lost, one I had forgotten and another which I had initially mixed down losing a hidden song on the third track... Oh, four tracks I miss thee...

Uh, started work on a new dummy for my next picture book (I sent my first in years out last week and am now crawling for an agent). Hopefully, can get it done this week. Then if it's right I'll redo it in glorious large size with some nice permanent marker ala me three recent doodles on my walls and nightstand.

Wrote a few new scratches at poems and have founds a few ships worth to revise.

Matt related a very scary dream he had where there was a woman who was killing everyone all over the world and had made it to our street, or at least was influencing it, via a door-to-door saleswoman. I died.

Even though I've rereleased two albums, released one new, finished a dummy for a picture book, and am nearly finished on my next album - with lots of demos for the followup - and a more... I feel like I have nothing to show for myself... Very strange feeling.

Anyway... There's also some strange and great intersections of thoughts and actions on love but that's for later I guess.

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kier said...

apparently dreaming that someone dies means you love that person. i hope your picture book gets picked 'cause i'd badly love to see it.