Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Pumpkin Sequel!

The return of the pumpkins from out of the ether. Just when I thought it was safe to go out and play, again... Yes, just as I was bouncing the first ball, they came back! But what did they want? Just as I began to phrase my question, I was sucked in, again.

Their world had been taken over by a squiggle! Or so I thought. In truth it was simply an artifact of my otherworldly vision, in reality it was a large series of narrows viewed from above as I fell down to land in them. Or so they told me. Actually their world was just fucked up. Or colorful and squiggly, however you want to put it. Lots of fast motion and flying around, that's for sure.

An escape? I thought, no, it can't be possible. How am I to know what world I will be escaping into? And then I saw the truth for what it was, a boxing scene. Yes, every great blockbuster performance piece of the pumpkinland has a boxing scene where they form 2-d boxes stretched out and twist them from the sky.

Finally the last frame of the film came up, and it was the first picture from my second series of pumpkins. I was trying to do another repeating image, this time using a sampled section of one of the pumpkins. But the dark vibe I liked about this image was now my only space of existence. I launched into the black and felt a concave pull, the pumpkins flew by and laughed.

And so ends the pumpkins for now, boomed my conscience as I began my travels in the mostly black emptiness every now and then striped with two off color images. As I floated there I remembered how I had had an idea for a 5'x 4' scuplture of one of those pumpkins with a real boy hugging it, well it would be a photo of the boy hugging the kinda huge paper maché(or whatever I ended up using) sculpture. Hopefully I can get to that sometime this year. But I'm happy I was able to at least get these old pix out here, for now, as I float in the blackness(with an ethernet connection to some godforsaken, thank god, interdimensional internet).

Friday, January 13, 2006

pumpkins (flat 45) post

The long delayed "pumpkins" post. This first one here is my favorite of the bunch. These were exploratory pictures done at huge sizes, and scaled down a lot to display here. I hope you enjoy my pumpkins.

"70x50painter": this was the first one I did, it was a collage thing and I happened to cut out a pumpkin, which I then became obsessed over.

The first idea was to do a repeating image

at which I worked out a few

Then a larger, denser, repeating picture

Closer to how I wanted it

A slashed sudoku of sorts, this was when I started turning things slightly.

Tomorrow I'll post a few others, and then move on from this idea for now. All these images, like everyone here on Your is clickable for a larger version.

(Btw, I meant to post one of these last Halloween, and then on Christmas. So happy belated holidays!)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

el-ays ko koh

Replaced palomino, higher section.

First, clash like kinks and water! Thanks for having me back Perspects! Or, what's the rejoinder for being welcomed back?

I had said I'd replace with a koala, and found this photo I had taken a few months ago to work with.

Feeling mainline uptight now, the icy rain flooded the seams and now the fox hole's collapsing.

I feel sorry for the koala here, and I do dearly love them. But this one looks trapped, not simply because he can't climb out of his relative cage but because he's imprisoned by his tree.

I would love to cuddle with one of these kokohs, or simply be the highest place for one, and outlaw roads built through their ancestral snack trails. When the closest your species gets to fighting is pulling fluff on the other male's ear and then running off to cool down and make cooing sounds, and each one of you is basically perfection, well you should be respected. But when the smartest animal on earth would rather watch game show hosts physically assault women I find that I come down on myself a bit too hard.

el-ays ko ko

Replaced palomino, lower section. The stolen KOALA. Holy creatures if there ever was none. See them behind glass in San Diego, as well out in trees. See parents embarrassed by their kids. See one in the LA zoo. See them on a leash at Sea World, or wherever it was. Hold one? Once. It was small, and on a tether. It was a little side-stand at a theme park. They had a live one somehow and it cost $5 to pet it and hold it for a second. The little baby scaunted across the table top stagerroo and little kids who had that kind of money from their parent(s) got to play lovey-dovey. But, I wasn't so well endowed in the pocket wallet dept. So, I snuck in from the side as one girl and her brother went ga over their little ambassador of wannabe-petdom. It turned out there were more in cages in the back of the stand and there was one small, tiny little guy who got on the table and started quickly past me to the left. He was in a harness on an elastically bound leash thing like parents put their kids in when they take them for walks, when the parent is a monolithic social-retard, or paralyzed. Anyway the little guy wisely scampered, he was like a million years of mammalian fluffy cuteness and beard/chin scratching depth at the same time, as well as light and fucking grey. I picked him up and looked at him, he instantly got the feel and made for my head. Hey what are you doing, slamped out one of the cuddle dealers. And I sat the sweet bustling with life very small koala down on the table and ran off. I found the other part of the field trip kids in the gift shop spending dozens of twenties on shit like t-shirts with whales on them in garish colors, but not realistically garish. And candy, some boy got $20 for fucking candy. He was annoying, they all were annoying, and this is stopping.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

it's been a long break, palomino (and tomorrow you'll be replaced by a koala)

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