Tuesday, January 10, 2006

el-ays ko koh

Replaced palomino, higher section.

First, clash like kinks and water! Thanks for having me back Perspects! Or, what's the rejoinder for being welcomed back?

I had said I'd replace with a koala, and found this photo I had taken a few months ago to work with.

Feeling mainline uptight now, the icy rain flooded the seams and now the fox hole's collapsing.

I feel sorry for the koala here, and I do dearly love them. But this one looks trapped, not simply because he can't climb out of his relative cage but because he's imprisoned by his tree.

I would love to cuddle with one of these kokohs, or simply be the highest place for one, and outlaw roads built through their ancestral snack trails. When the closest your species gets to fighting is pulling fluff on the other male's ear and then running off to cool down and make cooing sounds, and each one of you is basically perfection, well you should be respected. But when the smartest animal on earth would rather watch game show hosts physically assault women I find that I come down on myself a bit too hard.

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