Wednesday, August 09, 2006

'dear sybellus' in pictures, a

hanging out with the macaques

what he heard

all my teeth fell out

well this one here, it got a carrie
no, up front

it's christmas, I'm stealing these fake foldable trees

we go out

and these little bioluminescent lights,
i'm maybe in love with this one
he's a little different then the rest

my light,
he gets sick

vulpine waitress, not pictured here

it's rainy, it cures him

it's story time, poopy panties time

ideas abound


outside, like an orb (or a cartoon barrel)

his submarine was powered by foxfire

the man who meant a lot to a lot, ghandi, ford, and more, inventing in tuskegee

an invention

theatre boy's leg

a note, phone number, Jenny

calling, scared, fragmented

cold coffee helps it down

later did laundry, a boy came in

some one had just said he wanted to kill him

he was wearing a red shirt with a walking red panda on it

finishing laundry

a hungry boat, waiting in a hotel room

pet box, wild box

hunters hunting bran flakes, this is just a tiny baby

in the bath,
thinking about shaving my legs
The above is an 'in pictures' riff on my short story 'Dear Sybellus' on which I just finished what are probably the final microscopic revisions yesterday, even though I'd finished the actual story months ago. Yes, it's for Dennis Cooper's marvelous 'Userlands' anthology which is coming out in January I believe. I used some of these images while writing the story and others I started gathering while finishing it and still others I dug up tonight. And, all except the 'dear syb opener' (blurry one) are found pics. Hope you enjoy.