Wednesday, July 27, 2005

"fragile we all" collage, 9inx12in (with transcription)

fragile we all
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(wizard hat girl's arm sleeved)
Here are the latest trial biopsies
Society screening
(women's legs in black nylons heels)
(very skinny young women in various outfits)
Nix Healthy Habits Make More Moods
Pursue Negative Thinking et Closer (night sky white stars)
weight charts will follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in fear of scales forever
Church of Anorexia Church of Anorexia Church of Anorexia
Instead of avoiding food, she ate it
(kid eating) (in a shopping cart's reverse seat a kid's hand reaching for food, groceries) (kid's hand fingers number 12 card) doubt, contemplative (hand holding mask with wig and sunglasses) eating needing counting wasted, hiding, warped, disgusted, disgusting
(blue night sky) space
The Ten Commandments (pink) girl 1. Time
If you aren't thin you aren't attractive Being this is more important than being healthy You must buy your clothes cut your hair take laxatives starve yourself do anything to make yourself look thinner Thou shalt not eat without feeling guilty Thou shalt not eat fattening foods without punishing yourself Thou shall count calories and restrict intake accordingly What the scale says is the most important thing Losing weight is good gaining weight is bad You can never be
too thin thin and not eating are signs of true will power and success
(women's calves in black stockings shiny heels) shorter, larger
(women's legs crossed toe nails painted red) slim, natural normal (pink rain boots) accessories (umbrella) objects
1. Time Have your preteen note practices, project deadlines, parties and other activities on a personal calendar. (blue) Ask her to list the things she likes to do every day homework spending time with friends TV reading chores. Seeing what has to be done all in one place can give her a sense 2. Goal S
Show your child to break a project down into steps and target dates. If he wants to learn to play guitar have him set a date by which he wants to begin lessons and have him list what he needs to do first - find an instrument (calling rental shops and checking classifieds), find a teacher or get instructional videos from the library.
3. Conflict
Learning how to patch up problems can help your tweens take action to solve friendship woes. First, pinpoint the offense. Was it a betrayed confidence? Jealousy? Being ignored? Thinking it through ("Oh, I did forget to call Katie back" can bring other issues to light, and the realization may be all that's needed to end the problem. If not, encourage your child to speak to her friend and to be as honest as possible about her feelings. (black casual dress heel) shapely object, further age
Nix Healthy Habits
Make More Moods
Pursue Negative Thinking
et Closer
(black brown form) offset
FRAGILE WE ALL (black white)
(brain map, dress print) pattern, loop
(girl and boy sitting side by hands folded) emotion, connection, humanity, youth, being told, apprehension, the start of worry, entry point/mnemonic device

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

what was that, god?

what was that, god?
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This is a picture I did a few months back, very much scaled down here.

b: take off those stupid things

a: hold on a second I'm trying to hear what god said

Sunday, July 24, 2005


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This is a picture I did a while ago, its base is a photo I took of Morro Bay a couple years ago. I really like it, and it's part of a larger series which I sort of left for now.

Saturday, July 23, 2005


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A little drawing I did a month or two back, I was just trying to see if I could draw different animals that I had never really drawn before; since this was around that time I was drawing those birds so much. I really like these little characters I came up with.

Friday, July 22, 2005


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the colors are a little off maybe, but i really wanted to post this anyway. i finished this a few weeks ago. acrylic with oil pastels and paint markers; roughly 23.5inx37in. i like it.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

forever with smile, for dennis cooper

forever with smile
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a note on love, from the birds

a note on love
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a drawing from two months back or so; i really like these birds, and have a lot of little drawings of them around from that time. anyway, i thought of this one when reflecting on dennis cooper going to paris to be with his boyfriend, and i wanted something to put up here about love.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

monday report by susan

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an unfinished watercolor and oil pastel; 21.5" x 15.75" (i was inspired by a book on the superflat movement called the japanese experinece: inevitable, especially some yoshitomo nara i hadn't seen before; but this turned out diff than i thought, but i kinda like it.)

Saturday, July 16, 2005


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a beautiful in that way make-use of a truck; japantown,sf 6/05 (wish i had gotten more of this)
well after a pretty eventful evening, for me, i'm awake as usual but tonight with a headache as well, and now an early hangover. so surely i thought it would make sense to post a link to one of my favorite cLOUDDEAD tracks, and so i will,

and on the otherhand the strains of years of a deep mutual, if somewhat intrestingly different in context, love that is for the most part still physically impossible.

Friday, July 15, 2005

sign, tag

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a green interlude

he published the photos on a website, relinked through his blog, and was trying to think of how he could fit in something along the lines of a lifetime of regret. everything he put here was a sort of instant scrap that while not bad wasn't really more that what it was, like a wall. the photos were from a trip he had taken with his little brother up in sf a month ago. they had gone to see deerhoof, electrelane, and sm&jicks. he started to write a little post, he wrote this way because he didn't want to put here how he really wrote, it was too dangerous for now. after typing a minute or so, he read it back to himself,

a shot from up in sf a month ago while my little brother and i were up there to see sm&jicks deerhoof and electrelane. all three were great, we were the first at both shows, and front row all the way. we stayed at the adelaide hostel, though we had a room, it was an okay scene, small mountains above yr avg hotel. the shot to the right here seemed gently perfect at the time when i actually saw it, and now it comes off like maybe its a piece of art. too bad chain store fucked the negatives from some of the other rolls we took, not that theres another place around here to go to for developing, well really it was my fault for not marking off premium on the lope. but so much has changed since then, and i feel i've really changed as a person for all the better. but to feed the piece, i got a fiction rejected from the new yorker tues, and some people i really care about are in an escalating in it's fucked upedness situation, and here's a sort of lie, which only they can solve everpresent conflict in me though on how to help plus gauging apathy, for for the first time i am totally out of that kind of thing in my own home and have been slowly moreso a number of years now, and i finally understand the nonvibe of just walking by domestic violence. but been painting lately, and really finding out more about myself as other things fall away.

fuck it, he thought. who the fuck cares. so what if it's stupid. he was listening to sunburned hand of the man's no magic man, and his jaw hurt. folding and unfolding his fingers of his right hand, he finally let himself just post it. but as he saw it there on the page, it looked worse than he had imagined, so he went back and deleted the post so nobody would ever know. as he sat there afterwards he thought about this boy he really cared about that was living in house that was evil madness, ruoy had himself lived in a place on a that level when he was a kid, but he realized that now as his life had become so calm over the years he couldn't really relate to that, and he wished the boy couldn't either even though he knew that the boy was becoming a deeper and richer and person because of it, just like he had. m.i.a.'s arular started over his headphones and he felt fine thinking about whatever, he really liked this album.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

section, top right (left, autodicte)

section, top right
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hey bill!


a failed prelude, of course. from under glass too small, from a larger work, one sixth of it or so. i tried to stitch it but had to ditch since i was like ectoplasm thus cemented to the task with my knowledge that i could do it even though after hours it was not stitching well that was going to be poetic but it's just baskwords.

ying underwear, he said to him. the rabbit only nibbled as it smelled to breathe. billy drank and drank, and he really wasn't billy was he, seventy years old, he crawled out of a southern swamp to write the great american snovel. he wrote manchyle all over his walls and the rite emerged with drinking and drawing with shit on the immaculately dull rugs and lords good will. the rabbit hopped in the type writer flew threw the window the table oozed black and white news clippings of girls and boys smiling, and an ocean view from the south painting tacked to the wall. they sat and bill mumbled, yes yes the man came up and smattered the roadster, his hat was so tall. the rabbit twisked and stared, his fur always felt slightly cold.


people gots lots of problems.

plus, rejection!