Sunday, January 15, 2006

Their world had been taken over by a squiggle! Or so I thought. In truth it was simply an artifact of my otherworldly vision, in reality it was a large series of narrows viewed from above as I fell down to land in them. Or so they told me. Actually their world was just fucked up. Or colorful and squiggly, however you want to put it. Lots of fast motion and flying around, that's for sure.

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c said...

because everything seems too fast for me

even turtles are fast once they're in their element like water
they swim pretty fast

maybe i'm not in my element yet
but i can see this thing moving so fast

it does move though it looks stationary you know like us even when we think we don't have the spirit lacking spirit energy vitality
but it's just a lie because everything has it you know the opposite of languid

ha but if you fast you become animic or anemic something like that

i forgot what i was saying but i like this