Sunday, January 15, 2006

Finally the last frame of the film came up, and it was the first picture from my second series of pumpkins. I was trying to do another repeating image, this time using a sampled section of one of the pumpkins. But the dark vibe I liked about this image was now my only space of existence. I launched into the black and felt a concave pull, the pumpkins flew by and laughed.

And so ends the pumpkins for now, boomed my conscience as I began my travels in the mostly black emptiness every now and then striped with two off color images. As I floated there I remembered how I had had an idea for a 5'x 4' scuplture of one of those pumpkins with a real boy hugging it, well it would be a photo of the boy hugging the kinda huge paper maché(or whatever I ended up using) sculpture. Hopefully I can get to that sometime this year. But I'm happy I was able to at least get these old pix out here, for now, as I float in the blackness(with an ethernet connection to some godforsaken, thank god, interdimensional internet).

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