Tuesday, January 10, 2006

el-ays ko ko

Replaced palomino, lower section. The stolen KOALA. Holy creatures if there ever was none. See them behind glass in San Diego, as well out in trees. See parents embarrassed by their kids. See one in the LA zoo. See them on a leash at Sea World, or wherever it was. Hold one? Once. It was small, and on a tether. It was a little side-stand at a theme park. They had a live one somehow and it cost $5 to pet it and hold it for a second. The little baby scaunted across the table top stagerroo and little kids who had that kind of money from their parent(s) got to play lovey-dovey. But, I wasn't so well endowed in the pocket wallet dept. So, I snuck in from the side as one girl and her brother went ga over their little ambassador of wannabe-petdom. It turned out there were more in cages in the back of the stand and there was one small, tiny little guy who got on the table and started quickly past me to the left. He was in a harness on an elastically bound leash thing like parents put their kids in when they take them for walks, when the parent is a monolithic social-retard, or paralyzed. Anyway the little guy wisely scampered, he was like a million years of mammalian fluffy cuteness and beard/chin scratching depth at the same time, as well as light and fucking grey. I picked him up and looked at him, he instantly got the feel and made for my head. Hey what are you doing, slamped out one of the cuddle dealers. And I sat the sweet bustling with life very small koala down on the table and ran off. I found the other part of the field trip kids in the gift shop spending dozens of twenties on shit like t-shirts with whales on them in garish colors, but not realistically garish. And candy, some boy got $20 for fucking candy. He was annoying, they all were annoying, and this is stopping.

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