Tuesday, October 06, 2009

October mixromix

mixromix one

1. cold cell - coil
2. chinese song - nancy sit
3. leo, are you still jumping out of windows
---in expensive clothes? - my little airport

4. why do i feel - the shaggs
5. 好き好き大好き - jun togawa
6. what grows - lotus plaza
7. straight to heaven - papaya paranoia
8. the bloodbells chime - current 93
9. white nights - psychic tv
10. lotus rain (live) - syzygys
11. maternity blue - ni-hao!
12. love and anger - kate bush
13. united - throbbing gristle
14. more than this - electrelane
15. spirit lake - coco rosie
16. あいがあふれる - nikaido kazumi


kier said...

i'm downloading it, it looks delicious. thanks joseph!

you-x said...

thanks kier! hope you enjoy it :)

SYpHA_69 said...

Already have heard the Coil/C93/TG/PTV tracks (naturally) but I'm curious to hear the rest. Downloading...

_Black_Acrylic said...

Ooh, nice one! *downloads*

you-x said...

SYpHA 69, hey thanks. I hope you like it. I figured you probably knew those tracks, heh. I'm thinking you might find some new stuff you like.

Black Acrylic, thanks! Hope you like it.

I'm really happy you guys came to check this out :)

uli said...

your-x, I have your on my mp3-player and will listen it today wandering through the streets.

Anonymous said...

Hey, cool mix of affective disorders, managed to kick many things in my life but never the PTV/TG/C93/Coil habit. Plus always curious when people put the title before the artist, as the title is always the last thing the artist thinks of.

you-x said...

Uli, awesome! I hope it provides an interesting, maybe useful?, soundtrack to your wandering. Thanks for checking it out.

L'étranger, 105.4FM, welcome to my blog, and for checking the mix out. So you tried to kick the industrial thing too? Is the title really the last thing the artist thinks of? I think for Coil, for instance, it might have sometimes been the first. I think I put the titles first because it's about that song by this band... and because a lot of my favorite mixers do that too. To me it's like a special thing.....

Anonymous said...

Yeah, nice stumble! Eh.. have to get rid of that FM tag. Anyway, will grab some of your music and see whats happening. Never sold on the "industrial" tag, I think of the whole Coil/C93/TG/PTV cabal as coming from a lineage of more wacked out beatnik freaks in the Zappa sense (tho I am not a Zappa fan), and that to me is what is attractive about them. Also song titles being completely arbitrary, kind of bursts the gravitas balloon of THE TITLE, demystifies and puts things in a more playful perspective. In line with ithe whole notion of 'zonder title', utopian ideas of 'white label' culture that arose around techno, blah blah blah. Aki Kaurismaki has a great line about that here. So, good to exchange a few words. KK

kier said...

hey joseph, i put a little plug for your mix on my blog, i hope that's a-okay. xxxx