Tuesday, October 20, 2009

new ba-loons!

see it HERE

above via mcguffin0


Anonymous said...

oh you are joseph marcure..
you are the asian girl pervert.
I love fever ray too.
I promised I would do a fever ray day on DC's.
I am applying for grad schools and shows and a whole host of other balloon popping efforts which drain me of my Fever Ray day efforts, but soon...I promise.
I'm a fucking husk.

The Octopus Man said...

I like your ba-loons - I like the colour - I like the size - I like the roundness - I like fullness - I like your puffed and swollen cheeks - I want to be a ba-loon - I want to be your ba-loon

pur tails said...

the asian girl pervert ..hmm..