Thursday, October 20, 2005

rabbit x section

One of a series I did earlier, from a picture I did a week or two ago. I kind of like it, moreso the series of them all together perhaps, but I like the colors and the ghost faces that came to circle the rainbow field of the rabbit in this one especially. His little narrowed eyes and the force within. The videoed lines.

On another note, some famous parenting how-to espouser stated that, "Children have difficulty knowing the difference between a need and a want." This isn't entirely true since infants can be taught to swim, thus they know they need air more than they want to be a fish. That same pen pusher also gave us the popularisation of the metaphor, "Children are like wet cement." So perhaps we shouldn't take him so literaly. Especially when he proffers us the advice of giving a child a larger cup when they ask for only half a glass of milk. "Children are like wet cement," he says, and yet he is more like dry cement. Talking dry cement. Hard stuff I might have walked over a thousand times, it's probably cracked and full of dirt and lost cement dreams. Here's a metaphor for children, yes let's be overreaching, broad, put ourselves at risk for looking idiotic. Well, here it is: Children are like optical prisms.

And life is like a tissue. Can you enter the space of the rabbit above? Is that a spiritual journey possible for you, is it too absurd? Farewell empty, empty, empty travellers. The Journey is still capitalized.

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