Saturday, October 29, 2005

bad photo of 'hey baby'

what the fuck
i thought there was something good
i never tried hard enough
i guess
man what the fucking hell
shit you fucking
i guess i never made it
i probably didnt try my fucking best
everyone knows they know better
gate keepers
their little legs,
kept me in technically
a better place.

and as a i try to express this
a compiled program crashes
just let me know how much i don't care.

you probably still run windows, or apple
how great of you to try so hard,

for a moment i can enjoy actors,
that's bigender you fag
get over yourself
everyone's beautiful
or fired,
slave, even then
what the fuck.

vodka laced with fake sugar
and kits
no, lots of laughs
the hick ups
gotta piss
thank me latter,
with all that fucking
cake on the wall,

lick both their fucking pussies,
can you believe it?
i wonder what they're like

and suck cock
drink dick
some other time

these two girls
are gorgeous
what more can be said?

lots more vodka,
they're not here
it's all imagination
at this point.

and on an unrelated tone
stop calling me fat
you bitch
drunk bitch
you did it in a doorway
fuck off,
i was twelve
smoke your crate and go to hell
or get better
your son needed you
twelve years ago.

but this is a bad poem
for you,
cause i want you
and i don't know how to say it
when you're miles away
the relationship is mostly impossible
and i'm just going to go autopiliot
with a fantasy the size of the universe
baby, yeah.

'bad photo, bad poem, right now a feeling of two people i love'


perspects said...


Nigel Symon said...

Wow loved that

teenagekicks said...

your photo stream is so amazing. You know, it's weird but until I visited your site and saw your photo blown up, I didn't realize it was someone holding up a camera, i thought it was someone pulling a turtleneck up over their face.