Thursday, June 19, 2008

'we'll hide you well in a secret place'

the Clean - 'Secret Place'

Over the last two months I've been listening to a lot of music that is new to me, and of all of it one song has really stood out. It's a song from the early 90s by the New Zealand, kiwi rock (I like how that sounds) gods: the Clean. I thought I'd share the song here. It's really beautiful and sad, and cool too. Really poetic and great.

It's from their album 'Modern Rock' which is still track-down-able, and is, I think, something of a lost classic.

Oh and the above is simply a space divided spin on a crop I did of a scan of a page from a photobook that someone else did that someone else posted to somewhere else... Anyway, I did the image earlier today and it seemed like it was somewhat like a secret place


DavidC said...

Great to see you're into the Clean - I got the Flying Nun boxset for my birthday and was soooo excited

KYTE said...

basquiat fridge?

I actually found the image on /x/. The poster said that it was from some house in Russia, inhabited by an insane hobo. But, who knows with "The Chan".

mcgregor said...

hey joseph (i don't think i knew your name before your trevor brown post). i'm downloading the song, will listen later.

yeah i seem to seldom have nightmares, even less often have good or pleasant dreams, and almost always have scary or uncomfortable dreams. sometimes they feel neutral, emotionally. these past two nights i've had dreams related to moving (which i've just done), and this last one was set in this giant underground cave. packing things in boxes, etc.

i haven't dreamt of those horses before no, the only other dream i can recall where there was a horse was in a toyshop where i found a toy in a box, which was the back-half of a horse with the upper part of a boy's body lying beneath it. they were made in plastic and the reason they were both cut in half was presumably because that made them cheaper. there was some erotic purpose to it, but it was made for children, or anyone. i don't connect animals to sex, so i don't know what it was about.

i agree, the video is both creepy and funny. i think the funny coems in because of the cgi-type effects which look dated and a little computer-game-y. i haven't seen the video you mentioned, but i want to! do you have a link?

mcgregor said...

oh yeah, of course i already knew your name! my memory is a lot worse than it should be for a 21 year old.

haha, that video. so funny and cool and strange. i loev that he's sitting in front of his bookshelf without a shirt on. it's nice to see him be nerdy.

i'm listening to the The Clean song now, so far i like it.

Anonymous said...

you are a good kid.


taxidimeto said...

i am also a lover of this song when i first heard this melody i was really astonished by its originality and spoke directly to my heart could you pz write all its lyrics in some parts i am not sure what exactly it says for example it says "they cover you with what you love you ll ask them to be spring"?etc...