Thursday, July 03, 2008

'the mirror on the wall won't talk to me at all'

self-portrait in mirror (trash-can)


Can I get in?

(full story here)

"The mirror on the wall
Won't talk to me at all
Now that I have everything
The face inside the frame
Just doesn't look the same
Now that I have everything

I wasn't always so fortunate
But I knew what I had to do to be well-to-do
And it had to do with the things
I had to do"

(lyrics from their first song on their first demo, now that i have everything at the tmbw)

sadness (something here)

... but, inspiring Hine

(see more of hine mizushima's tmbgb)

(location from 'they'll need a crane' from museum of idiots)


"鏡の国のおうちに住んでみたい? あっちだとミルクがもらえるかしらね。鏡の国のミルクはあんまりおいしくないかも――でも、あら! ちょうど廊下のとこ までやってきましたよ。鏡の国のおうちでは、ほんのちょっとだけ廊下をのぞけるのよね、書斎のドアを思いっきり開いておくと。それで、見えるはんいでは こっちの廊下とそっくりなんだけど、でもその向こうはぜんぜんちがうかも。鏡の国のおうちのほうに、ぬけられたらホントに楽しいでしょうね、子ネコちゃ ん! ねえ? もうぜったいに、すごくきれいなものがあると思うんだ!"


鏡 【かがみ】 (n) mirror;
国 【くに】 (n) (1) country; (the) state; (2) region;
住む 【すむ】 (v5m,vi) to live (of humans); to reside; to inhabit; to dwell; to abide;
廊下 【ろうか】 (n) corridor;
書斎 【しょさい】 (n) a study; library;
思いっきり 【おもいっきり】 (adv,n) with all one's strength; with all one's heart; resignation; resolution;
開く 【あく; ひらく】 (あく,vi) (1) to open; to become open; to become empty;
見える 【みえる】 (v1,vi) (1) to be seen; to be in sight; (2) to look; to seem; to appear; (3) (hon) to come; (P);
向く 【むく】 (v5k) (1) to face; (2) to turn toward; (3) to be suited to; to be fit for;
楽しい 【たのしい】 (adj-i) enjoyable; fun;
思う 【おもう】 (v5u,vt) to think; to feel;
kanji crib sheet cribbed from wwwjdic

you-x tb day on dc's on tb's on your-x

Researchers would have to test how common mirror writing was in people with atypical language laterality.

"We'd need to know whether mirror writing is over-represented in that group."

Jackson said mirror writing may not have anything to do with language centres per se, but rather be linked to the way the motor system was being activated.

In synaesthesia, where the auditory cortex is connected to the visual part of the brain, you can't activate one without activating the other, he said. And the same kind of motor mix-up may be happening in mirror writers... (continue to article on mirror writing)

Look into the depths of the mirror as though you were looking into a bowl of water. At first it may appear gray than colors will come and go.

With time and practice you will be able to see sacred images like still photographs or moving film images. Spirits may sometimes look at the scryer, talk to the scryer or even touch the scryer. The visions may even exist outside the mirror and surround the scryer on all sides... mirror scrying

... most animals can't see themselves in mirrors right? even goldfish, I'm guessing...

"鏡" (kagami)


Anonymous said...

don't be silly, you are not rude at all. No need to apologize. You're not an asshole. boo hoo. What I said on that blog that one day after being impaled by a unicorn (for serious) had little to do with our chunky words about Brown. Fear not, my boy, no problem afoot.

be good,

tomkendall said...

HEY DUDE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! thanks for the nice words on DC's. What you up to today then huh? hope youre all good.

Anonymous said...

Dear You,

Have you read Alberto Manuel's Into The Looking-Glass Wood? I have a copy of Martin Gardner's annotated Alice that I'd like to give you, a gift bestowed in New York if you ever visit. I'll hand it off on the Subway, and send you up through 50th Street. One of my favorite things on earth, going up those stairs, into a kind of unreal realm, the opposite unreal of a forest, say. In fact, the commodity of space in midtown, the branding and uniformity of it, the all-at-once now of Times Square and the full-throat acceptance of technological change without resistance, with the trenchant reminders of yesteryear, remaining despite themselves, gives one a feeling of approaching the entrance to the other side.

I am headed into the woods, literally now, to a lake in the wilds that is supposed to be crystal clear. I hope I don't fall too much in love with myself there, and fall in. I feel the same concern for self-love and the disaster it discloses in Manhattan, which I think is strange.