Thursday, June 05, 2008

ぜつぼうさいしゅ/despair collector

These are some photos I did the other day of what was the original ぜつぼう collage print (a photo I found and really liked, and fucked with and printed out in two high contrast b/w versions)... I still want to do something else with this but I liked something in these.


mcgregor said...

hey, i'd noticed that you've started to post more on this blog and i wanted to comment and say how happy i was about that, but then uh, i didn't. but here's me saying it. it'll be cool to see more of your ideas and inspirations and all that. yeah, open up.

i'm glad my drivel made some sense to you! i didn't really say anything i haven't heard elsewhere, but it's good, and it's good to be reminded. and like something dennis said, you should do or work with what you're afraid of.

oh, my guided by voices titles! i think every other post-title on my blog is a gbv lyric, i am painfully transparent. but stealing is god, right.

saved! is so great! i love your brother's blog and art, i can imagine he would love saved.

Panda? said...

This is probably my favorite of your recent posts.