Friday, August 10, 2007

Official MxBx page: here.
Melt-Banana's official myspace!
A Melt-Banana myspace fan page.

(half of Agata's rad pedal melange)

q: What are your two favorite Melt-Banana songs?

a: That's a tough one. The easy, cop-out answer would be their covers of 'Surfin' in the USA' and 'Monkey Man'. Which are two of the best recordings bar none... no shit! They cover 'Heart of Glass' live, which I bet is awesome.

q: Really?

a: Yes. But actually my favorite Melt-Banana song is 'If it is the deep sea, I can see you there' off Cell-scape. Or basically anything off 'Scratch or Stitch', or maybe 'Spathic!!' from 'Charlie' or '13,000 Miles at Light Velocity'.

Fan video of Melt-Banana doing 'Heart of Glass':

(promo from show)

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