Wednesday, August 08, 2007

"If I was a fish I could swim anywhere. I could have fish sex, what's that like? I think it's pretty devoid of physical contact. That could be good, maybe. I'd lay a bunch of eggs not just somewhere, but in the best somewhere I could find. A special somewhere with rocks that didn't look like they'd one day end up in a castle's garden."

"If you're a fish and you eat your eggs, do you get sick? What if they're fertilized? That guy who joked about snacking on a placenta, that was strangely amusing. But also gross. It was actually kind of endearing. Like he meant it as an act of affection or something of that ilk. He was kind of cute, but there was something complicated about him. If you joke about eating a girl's placenta does that mean you sort of love her? Or does it mean you just want to tell her you love her but are afraid of physical stuff? Maybe even afraid of loving her? Perhaps he has some body image issues. At least he's trying."

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