Friday, September 25, 2009

Rosebud (From a review of "To Mega Therion")

The Citizen Kane of Extreme Metal Albums - 96% Written by blackthrash84 on July 26th, 2009
I'll admit right away I've yet to see the film Citizen Kane, but every way in which I've heard it described, praised and criticized - as well as it's historic significance - correlates perfectly to C.F.'s masterpiece full length. Long, boring, monotonous, excessive, innovative, original, unique, genre-defining, classic. These are all adjectives that come to mind when discussing either work. The only real difference lies in the scope of each piece's influence. But is influencing the entire extreme metal world really that far from influencing the entire world of film? I like to think not.
from metal-archives (read the rest there if you'd like)

I found the above... amusing? S. M. Jenkins wrote of the album,

"Metal Jousters"--a must-own!

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