Saturday, June 20, 2009

Floating World, Floating Uterus

The idea of a floating uterus, a wandering womb, goes back to Egypt. Even the supposed great thinking Plato wrote about it, it could even kill.

Ukiyo-e print via noisedup
5. hysteria

once termed to be a disorder of only women (thus the root words being hyster, as it was originally thought that the uterus was a free floating object in a woman's body, and when lost would cause her to be hysterical), the original cure was for the doctor to masturbate the woman.
via urbandictionary.

Thus also the term 'hysterectomy'. Why hasn't that been renamed? Answer: lack of medical naming activism.

See also the short film 'Hysterica & the Wandering Womb...'

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KYTE said...

Wow. I hadn't heard about the original remedy for hysteria.

That's great. Our male-dominated world at its best, right?

Or maybe it's not even that.
I mean, sex is what we're for. That's why there's nothing really like it, I mean, except for masturbation.

Even then...