Monday, June 15, 2009

Faye Wong (王菲) Plist

picture via here

"I'm lazy, only manage to jog for 2 days. I smoke, an act of damaging health. I'm a straightforward person, therefore offending someone becomes part of everyday life. I love to throw my temper around, not knowing how to control them. I'm an impatient person; especially to things that does not interest me. I'm confident yet feel inferior, very contradicting. Facing my fans, I'll feel embarrass. I'm not motivated, always thinking of holidays. I'm not an obedient person, even my mum can't change this fact. I'm not an idol, please don't treat me as one. Thanks to all who loves me. Hope that I'll reach my definition of perfection one day; you'll still be proud of me."

- Faye Wong as quoted on a l l a b o u t f a y e (

from Chungking Express (1994) via CinemaSounds

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