Tuesday, July 03, 2007

'woman throws son out of speeding car'

1998, mixed media collage on paper, 8.5 x 11"


Anonymous said...

These collages are great, Joseph!

I have a question for you...

My friend Aaron Partridge asked me if I could help him find someone who "knows Flash" to help him out with a project. He didn't give too many details, except that it's for the book 'The White Rhinoceros' that Shaun Partridge is making with the comic artist Joshua Hall Simmons.

I'm guessing he needs help designing the White Rhinoceros website. He designed and maintains the Shaun Partridge site.

So I guess the question is... do you want to do it? I immediately thought of you when he asked me about it. I remember you said something about "killer apps" at DC's, and I thought "I have no idea what those are" (killer appalachians?). But it gave me the impression you know your way around computer programming. Plus you know about the Partridges and Unpop.

Anyway, I thought I'd ask. There's a short description of the White Rhinoceros book in the news section of Shaun Partridge's website. There's also this thread at Jim Goad's site.

I'll give you the contact info if you're interested.

panda bear said...

This collage is just a another explanation of why I'm so lucky to be you's little brother.

you said...

Hey Jeff, thanks for thinking of me, yeah, I'm totally flattered. Unfortunately not only am I strapped for sane/straight time at the moment, but I don't have any real modern flash experience and I use linux exclusively, which is still making inroads into that open-source Flash world somewhere in tomorrowland. But I hope you will think of me again if something interesting comes up as this project does sound quite worthy. I do know a bit about computers (such as one of them lives in my room), and a little programming(foo ... xyz), but I've focused more on my writing and art these past few years, not that it shows - yet (a b c).

As far as finding someone who knows how to do Flash on the level Shaun knows how to create cognitive dissonance, well perhaps Fresno's own Ferry Halim would be of interest to you? Ferry is sort of like the Walt Disney of Flash but with more clouds, sweetness, less evil and mouse movement of a different sort - very cool if almost too flat. Anyway, check Ferry out at orisinal. I do not know him personally, but have been a steady admirer of his work for years. Anyway, good luck finding that Flash demon/angel for Shaun, and thanks a lot for your kind words about my old teenage collages, I really, really, really, really appreciate that.

you said...

Panda bear bro, thanks so much.