Friday, August 12, 2005

possible bc cover

possible bc cover
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well i've been away for a week or so, out of town. went to see basquiat at lamoca, which was wonderful. he's been my favorite artist since i was a kid. they didn't have p-z, but it was still amazing, and they had downtown 81 playing in their cinema.

it sucks that i don't really know anyone outside of my family around here who even knows who basquiat is. after the exhibit i felt really sad, i mean for jean, about him, it's really sad that he's gone. i really missed him, even though i never knew him. but it felt like i had.

got stuck in los feliz for a while and spent some time around hollywood, i really am thinking about moving there. maybe pasadena or long beach, or whatever, i don't know.

so, the image here is a cover for a book i'm trying to finish, it's for very young kids like four and under. i'm hoping to get some constructive criticism on this version of it. hopefully i can post some more things later, i'm finishing up a large painting and have some music to recommend. later all you wizards and tongue lickers.

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