Wednesday, August 24, 2005

In lieu of art

Matthew Jeanes at brainwashed has posted a very interesting news story, from his post:

'Organizers of a Drum n Bass party outside of Salt Lake City, Utah had their proceedings shut down violently by police and the Utah National Guard over the weekend. Rather than ride up with a handful of cops to unplug the soundsystem (the logical way to kill any party) the authorities swarmed the crowd with a helicopter, men in camoflage uniforms carrying machine guns, and police dogs. Reports from the event detail heavy-handed and violent tactics used by the cops to subdue and arrest party-goers, and the stories are beginning to surface online along with video and pictures. The cops contend that the organizers didn't have the required permits for the party, something the promoter denies. The first-hand account of Evol Intent DJ Knick is enough to scare anyone off of the rave scene: Knick's story. A video has landed online showing the militaristic seige: Pulling theplug. More first-hand accounts are popping up here:'

There's also this article from Utah's Hark Herald, where a guest commented, "Video tells no lie.... police state, illegal raid." Oh yes, for further info see the story on wikinews (pictures included) and daily rotten. Enjoy!

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