Wednesday, June 30, 2010

For the Love of Jun Togawa (an exercise in song titles)

*thanks to Andrew Bunnell who suggested trying this

Cornish Elf, Sayonara
Susan's Glitter
Teaching Confessionals
Isis and Pisces
Hauntological Still Life
Year in Oils
Annoying Jane's Junk Key
Only Uncles, Nieces and Nephews
Cartoon Lineage
Skirt Access Counter
Academy Nylons Runner
Chocolate Dancer Shoes
Hey Rodan, Fine
One More Vampire
Good Girl Cucumber
Emptying the Mall Rats
Jelly Bib Digger
Capt. Everything Tomorrow
Schooling Your Disease
Wooden Petals On
Levitators Flash
Closet Cases Unltd
Unfair To Suggest
Notebook Rituals
Rural Remote Viewer Romantic Murder Mystery
Toss Off Godly
Watch You Trope
A Letter From Bugs
Throw Up With Me
Seamstress Remote
Upon Realizing A Vegan

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