Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh my god....

I was looking up a magazine and the person who did it and saw that I had been published in it... nearly ten years ago! Wild. I knew I had been accepted to it but never knew it had actually come out, and tonight I saw it.

Personal Reality Essays: Sidereal Birds: Trans-Species Communication and What Lies Beneath by Joey Gaen;
Joey Gaen! That's me! At that time I was changing my name to 'Gaen' - my middle name is 'Gayne'.

Anyway, wow. CPAOD was a huge influence and inspiration to me as a young teen and forward. I'm sure it's there at the cracks of my personality now. And I've always loved Jasmine Sailing. I was happy to see she's starting CPAOD again but just floored that my essay had gotten through way back then and I'd never known.

For years I'd hoped it had. Like, I would want to tell people that it had. Jasmine had accepted it but I'd never seen the magazine with it in it. As she has said her schedule is erratic. And at that time it was moreso, er, that it had been.

So, yeah.

see here


alan said...

Hi Joseph! So what was it about?

you-x said...

Hey Alan! It was this piece on being followed by birds, something like that. I'll try to find it (or get a hold of the magazine) and post it.

alan said...

Oh yeah, please do, that does sound odd. I heard somewhere that birds are the dinosaurs’ closest descendants, closer than modern reptiles, but that that possibly be true??

david said...

it may not possibly be true but it's true nonetheless. Ask shaismoth er shai smith if you don't believe my scientific bona fides.