Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Christina Carter's 'Texas Blues Working'

I have been listening to this album all day,
walking in the rain, at school, in a library
writing, on the bus, back in the rain, home
by a fire. It's incredible. I've had it for a while
but it finally hit me today. It's like this space,
but also a feeling.

Christina, you are brilliant.
(See also her site many breaths)

This album was released on cassette and is
unfortunately sold out. I was turned on to it
by Jonathan Mayhew (aka bollo).


l@rstonovich said...

funny i was downloading a sun city girls record so i could play their cover of "brandy" on my show, and on the big fat satanist site i saw you left a comment on the TFUL admonishing EP post. small net dude.

Bollo said...

Hi You
glad you like the CC tape. they released it twice as the first one had the title a lil messed up. i think i have the 2nd version as the 1st sold out super fast.
her split with Pocahaunted 12' is worth checking out
if you havent already.
Two Nights Film is also worth checking out yet again it was uber limited cdr.