Monday, November 23, 2009


Some anonymous person said my blog led them to think I was sexist. What do you think? If you think that I am, why do you think that? If not, why do you think this person would suggest that?


Anonymous said...

by asking this question, you are obviously too into what other people think of you. Also, it's the internet so it's not "you".
Also, being called "sexist" obviously bothers you hence this post exists so I would say no...
either way, I don't give a flying fuck, but I enjoy our distant repoire.
your ego needs a fuckin vacation.

Oscar B. said...

Do you think you are? I wouldn't know how could anybody define you sexist or not by looking at your surely isn't 'obviously' sexist so, what's the deal?
I don't know...maybe that person was just trying to piss you off or something? I know people that tell me I'm racist just to piss me off. I laugh when they do that.

alan said...

Some people are uncomfortable with representations of male desire for women, period, and try to turn it into a political thing. I'm sure it's just a knee-jerk reaction. This guy likes porn? Sexist.

Anyway, hope it wasn't a cute girl who said that.

you-x said...

Well, I posed this question here because when it was posed to me I was very upset. And, honestly I had wondered if there was this interpretation lurking out there.

Killer Luka, well I am way too into the person who relayed it to me for sure... and you're totally right that it's not 'me' here on this blog, though as the person putting it together I went for that interpretation and the question in the blog's context "do you think you're sexist?" totally got to me. So, I ended up posting it here because it was incredibly vague yet equally upsetting. Anyway, thanks for your response. I enjoy our distant repoire too. And you're really right my ego needs a fucking vacation so, so bad.

Oscar B., no I don't think I am. And thank you for your response! I wish one day I could get to the point where I could laugh about these things. My best guess is that they interpreted the pictures of women as sexist in some sort of objectification way, I really don't know.

Alan, that's very true. Hell, I am sometimes one of those people (uncomfortable with my own desires). Unfortunately, the person who relayed it to me was a cute girl. Far more upsetting though was she is someone I really care about.

Tuescat said...

Wow I wish I read this earlier. First off it's more important on what you actually do in real life. Think about how you treat certain types of women, what you say to them, and how you talk to them. It's a good opportunity to reflect on your relationship with women isn't it?
Secondly, no I don't think you are lol. Why? I've never seen or heard you say anything sexist right? Right.
And to answer your last question, well try to see things through her eyes. I don't know this girl so I can't make any assumptions. Sorry.
What I learned this year was, no matter how bad you feel, reflecting on things is the best way to find your own answers. Eventually. REFLECT!

Joseph Rios said...

Internet/real life projections aside, I say: if you're sexist, I'm in a hell of a lotta trouble. You're the most considerate, well-meaning mo I know. Period.

Anonymous said...

ya! word (otha) Joe.
i think people's responses are very correct.
i never once thought you were sexist.

KYTE said...

Everyone is sexist, everyone is racist.
It's not a cultural thing, not even a human thing, but just an animal thing.

Feminism is a form of sexism.
Post-feminism too.

As long as you try your best to only judge people by their actions and who they are, then you're a good person.

It's about true intention, maybe?

I'm not sure what I'm talking about anymore.

Chances are, the person who called you that (regardless of my speculation as to whom said that to you) is sexist in one form or another.

you-x said...

Ah yes a deleted comment from a deleted blogger now missing - ghost comment!

Tuescat, your comment here was so nice and thoughtful. Reflecting, good idea. It's like the slow cook revolution for self help, right?

Rios, man, thanks. Does this mean I gotta carry on like this? Heh.

Kyte, well the person who said it was anonymous. Though we both can guess who it might of been. Honestly I really beg to differ that it is very much a cultural thing and that this is not separate from or exclusive to being an 'animal'. I also do not think that feminism or post-feminism (or third wave) are sexist, really. BUT, I totally appreciate what you are saying. I don't think I'm good at judging. And while I no longer think the anonymous person was sexist I do think they made a dumbass comment that they should have either a) kept to them self or b) been willing to elaborate on.