Friday, February 22, 2008

my feelings in false syllogisms


it rains everyday in Hong Kong
it rained today
therefore I live in Hong Kong


people fall in love in Paris
I fell in love
I must be in Paris


ice cream is always cold
there was melted ice cream in the driveway
the driveway must be very cold


Anonymous said...

A true syllogism:

God is dead
God has been dead
Death is God

winter rates said...

hey we haven't connected in a hey...i still wanna meet you some day day day, i'm singing in my head cos i've had just enough of the old brewkowski

you-x said...

Thanks you two.

JW, I'm going to try and remember that for my final next week, I'll cite you if I do.

Winter Rates, yeah I'd like to meet you to some day day day. I've had almost enough the brewkowski (love that coinage), one more and then it'll have to be enough as the house will be barren of the stuff, damn.

mcgregor said...

hey you, thanks so much, i'm really glad i inspire you. i'd love to see more of your writing/work/mind/whatever some time. i'll see you around.

mcgregor said...

hey you, thanks! yeah, another day is the fourth of the songs (the other's are the ones we've talked about) that i listen to the most off that album.

blogger shrunk my photo too, i think if you want it to appear big when one clicks it you have to upload it to another site (like and enter the link into blogger that way. well, i wasn't certain, but it looked like hokusai, and when i clicked it the title of the picture came up which said hokusai, so i'm not all that good.

thank you so much for those songs, i'm listening to them now. i really love holocaust. and yeah, i'm still in a big big gbv kick! but i hadn't heard the song you uploaded yet, so thanks a lot for that, i'm gonna get into it.

the fong waye quote is amazing, especially the end. what kind of book would that be? i've put chungking express on my list of films i want to see.

that's really interesting about zimbardo, that he felt guilty etc. in that case that's different from what i saw of him and you're not in the wrong then. all i've seen directly of him is from a bbc documentary about the experiment in which he spent most the time making theories about the results that tried to completely excuse what the "prison guards" did as inevitable within the role they were awarded, in stead of being even partly something they should take fault for. he didn't seem to be interested in the "prisoners" or what they suffered at all. i found it strange and disturbing. the documentary looked like it was done not so long after the experiment however, so it's perfectly possible he came to different conclusions later on and felt guitly etc. that's very interesting and cool to hear. i guess i shouldn't completely discredit him then.

i would really like to see the videos of the milgram experiment, but haven't been able to find them anywhere. incredibly creepy to read what people did and reacted to in that experiment, the way most people seemed more concerned about being held responsible than about the wellbeing of the person receiving the shocks.

god yeah, if it is the deep sea, it's an incredibly beautiful and confusing song, the structure of it and everything. i love that song. what you said about it is better than what i'm saying about it.

Mieze said...

I like your poetry, very much. Your whole blog, in fact, is a kind of wonder!

And I hope today you're feeling a bit better about things...