Sunday, September 10, 2006

It's the cheesiest, cheesiest,
baby gone good,
got a box of it,

hey it's the cheesiest, cheapy-iest, sheepiest,
gotta get it, gotta, gotta get it,

it's the gleam-gleam-gleamingist,
gotta kiss-kiss-kissiest,
hey tommy, thanks!

two packs of the powdery-ry-re-iest,
super cheese-cheese-cheesiest,
mac-a-ron-i in your mouth
and your tum-tum-tummy-iest,

gotta taste it, gotta, gotta taste it,
mmm, yeah, you know,
it's sinkin' in!

ask your mom,
ask your dad,
ask you friend tin can,

go out and buy a box of it,
why not get a crate?
buy a shop cart full of it,
don't hesistate -

cause it's The Cheesiest,
squeeziest, makes so easiest,
and baby,
it's on its way!

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