Thursday, February 02, 2006

'misslesgreen' (used here, and not funny)

material witness to pseudo-material personality identification techniques (content resuming soonish) aka 'out of the closet music geek post'...

but now a look back, on the joyful toil of 01/06

(but only)listening wise:

perspects - skillset preview (thanks ian!)

aphex twin - selected ambient works ii
- richard d james
- come to daddy ep
- girl/boy ep
- windowlicker

alarm will sound - acoustica (a.w.s. performs the music of aphex twin) - really brilliant

afx - analord 8

quinoline yellow - ep

mr 76ix - hits of 76ix i & ii

broadcast - tender buttons (finally got into it)

edan - primitive plus

and lots of other things (charlie parker jsp boxset, leonard cohen, the new ryoji ikeda, pre-now susumu yokota... for instance) but mainly can't get enuff afx.

writing: dear sybellus, others...('dear sybellus' was my submission to d.c.'s lhotb anthology)

in the back of my head (i.e. not consciously constant) the boy from millions, like when the saint is talking to him and he's taking his shirt off changing to go to bed(people still do that?!) and when his brother is showing him (women's) breasts and when everyone thinks it's going to be a sexual scene, it is but in a sublime way as he relates to the image of the breasts in bra in thinking about his mother(dead)...

so i suppose really i'm thinking about images in digitalvideo from a few years ago (by now)


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perspects said...

hey you. replicate away.

make as many copies of that mix as there are people who want/need/deserve it.