Thursday, June 23, 2005


Originally uploaded by your.
A previously set aside piece that I finished this morning. So far, I like it.


perspects said...

hey wait. You're you? I thought I was you? At least that's what everyone's been calling me all these years. You, I mean, and by you I mean me and not you. I'm confused.

Seriously, though, nice work. Is that you in the mirror? by you I mean you and not me (this is fun).

Keep confusing people,

you said...

no, you wait!

sorry for not replying sooner. it's so cool that you're even looking at this. i want to be clever here, but you already have a signature of I.

thanks for your compliments, and yes that was me in the mirror. your encouragement to me to keep confusing is my favorite so far. i hope we can keep ultra delay chatting ever month or so. later, g, perspecstasy, i love that name.